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BrightSpot and Accessibility Training

BrightSpot is the online content management system BYU–Hawaii uses to manage and edit websites. Tutorials, documentation, and training sessions are available for new users.

BrightSpot Training

Tutorials and Documentation

These resources are good references to help guide you through basic processes in BrightSpot.

BYU–Hawaii BrightSpot Tutorial

Step by step instructions on how to log in and edit content in BYU–Hawaii's content management syste.

BYU Quickstart Tutorials

BYU has a collection of short videos and instructions that explain basic functions in BrightSpot. These videos are great bits of help for first-time users.

BrightSpot Documentation

BrightSpot has a fairly comprehensive online guide. If you want to dig deeper into BrightSpot's capabilities, use the documentation to find more.

Form Tutorials

A series of videos covering forms in BrightSpot with topics ranging from the basics of getting a form started to more complex aspects of forms such as creating email actions.

Dashboard layout & Tools

Instructions on how to use the dashboard layout and tools.

Add and remove employee on department website directory

Instruction on how to add and remove employee

Content Tutorial

Brightspot Content Instruction and video tutorial

Employee Page

Instructions on how to make changes or revisions to an employee page using Brightspot.

Section, Page, & Article with Lead Content

Instruction on how to use section, page, & article with lead content.

Upload Attachment

Instruction on how to upload an attachment.

Internal & External Link

Instruction on how to use internal and external link.

How to link phone number and email address

Instruction on how to hyperlink a phone number and email.

Revision & Workflow

Instructions for making a revision and understanding how the workflow works.

How to Upload Images on Brightspot

Instruction on how upload images on Brightspot.

Upload a Video on Brightspot

Instruction on how to upload a video on Brightspot.

How to Edit Page Previews

Instruction on how to edit the promo tabs of a page.