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Add a Video

Videos can be added to a webpage either by first publishing the video file on YouTube or by uploading the file directly to Brightspot. Departments are encouraged to submit their videos for publishing on the BYU–Hawaii YouTube channel rather than uploading the videos to personal
YouTube accounts or creating department accounts. For more information about BYU–Hawaii YouTube accounts and how to request that a video be uploaded, see the YouTube Best Practices page.

Embed a YouTube Video on Article or Page

How to add YouTube Video

  1. On the YouTube video page of the video you would like to add to a BYUH webpage, click the "Share" button below the chosen video.
  2. Click the "Embed" button to see the video's embed code and copy the code.
  3. On the article or page that you would like to embed the video on, add a rich text module and click the "Add Module" icon.
  4. Under the "Module" header, click on the drop-down field and select "Raw HTML Module."
  5. Click on the "HTML (REQUIRED)" tab and paste the embed code in the "Raw Html" field.
  6. Next you will need to edit the embed code so that the video size will adjust to the page. Delete the default "width=" 560" then change the height to 500, and click "SAVE & CLOSE" at the bottom of the window.

Add a YouTube Video to Brightspot

Create a Video Content Page Using the Search

  1. On the dashboard section, click the "Search" or magnifying glass icon at the top of the page.
  2. On the left side, click the "All Content Types" drop-down field. There will be a list of content types that will appear. Look for the "Video" option by scrolling down. After finding and selecting video in the drop down field, click the "New" bottom at the bottom to create new video content.

Create a Video Content Page on the Dashboard QuickStart Menu

  1. On the dashboard section, below "Quick Start," click the "Video" icon.

Using the Video Content Page

  1. In the video content page, click the drop-down menu and choose the "YouTube (URL)."
  2. Paste the link/URL of the YouTube video that you want to upload.
  3. Add a title to the video.
  4. Publish or send it to "Department Manager Review" for publishing.

Upload a Video to Brightspot

Add Video