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Section Tutorial

A section is a way to organize pages together on a website, similar to how pages in a book are grouped into chapters. On BYUH websites, departments and sub departments are organized into sections and the main or front page for the department is a section page.

How to Assign a Page to a Section

When a page is assigned to a SECTION, it means it has been grouped with similar pages. For example, think of 'Admissions' as a section under the larger collection called 'Ho'okele.'

You can check at the top left to see if the page is part of a SECTION. For example, a page has 'Admissions' in the header. This indicates it's part of the group of pages focusing on admissions. And just above 'Admissions,' there's a small label that indicates the even larger group it belongs to. This allows us to know if a page belongs to a bigger collection of pages in the department.

Assigning a page to a section helps us organize and easily find related pages and what area these pages belong to. Pages that are part of a section also inherit, be default, certain features assigned to the section such as a particular header, navigation, or aside/below menus or content.

An image of the BYUH logo on the left while on the right is Admissions being highlighted with the Ho'okele being just above the words Admissions.
Photo by BYUH

Assigning a Page to a Section

To assign a page to a section, do the following:

1. In Brightspot, open the page you wish to assign.

2. Start a NEW REVISION.

3. Scroll to SECTION below the main content area.

An image of the Brightspot page dashboard with the features such as content, richtext, add module, and Section in that order being displayed. With section being featured with a drop down and search icon, the following in the dropdown is shown: University Communications, websites, employee bulletin, and student bulletin.
Photo by BYUH

4. Click the search icon or start typing the name of the SECTION to search for the SECTION you wish to put the page under. Choose the SECTION.

5. Send the page through the WORKFLOW PROCCESS.

That page will now inherit the header and navigation of the section you assigned the page to.

Section Pages

How to Create a Section

To create a section for your website, please do the following:

1. Go to the Brightspot dashboard to find the quick start tabs.

The Brightspot quick create dashboard with article, attachment, employee, events, page, section, tag, and video being quick create tabs in that order.

2. Select the SECTION tab.


4. It will then bring you to an empty SECTION in which you have the following features that can be edited:

  • Display Name
  • Internal Name
  • Hide Display Name
  • Description
  • Content
  • Section Navigation
  • Lead
  • Content
  • Tags

    The section dashboard where the following features are shown and highlighted: Display name, Internal name, Hide display name (with a switch to toggle on or off), description with text options such as bold, italicize, and create headers. Lastly, the parent option that is highlighted with a drop down tab.
    Photo by BYUH

An image of the section creation dashboard with the following features highlighted in red boxes: Section Navigation with a drop down tab being highlighted, Lead with the ADD Module button being highlighted, the content tab with the ADD Module being highlighted under content lastly, the tags option with ADD button being highlighted.
Photo by BYUH

In addition, the standard features of a page, sections have options to assign unique navigation and header of the SECTION that will allow other PAGES to inherit the same navigation as the SECTION:

    These are similar features to a standard landing page. Note, see below t o learn more about parents and navigation.

    5. After making the desired changes put the SECTION into the WORKFLOW PROCCESS.

    How to Assign a Unique Navigation and Navigation Title to a Section

    To assign a header to the SECTION, please to the following:

    1. Start NEW REVISION.

    2. In the section page you wish to revise, select OVERRIDES on the top left.

    3. You will see a list of tabs in which one of those tabs will be labeled HEADER, press the drop down arrow.

    The page creation dashboard with 6 tabs being on top in a row with the following order main, overrides, SEO ,amp, expiration, and styles, with overrides being highlighted with a red box.

Additionally, under the rows are 5 tabs with the following order: Promo Module Overrides(Internal), Sharing Overrides(External), Feature Overrides, and Header. With Header being highlighted with a red box.
    Photo by BYUH

    4. Then you will see a variety of customization features, two of which are called NAVIGATION TITLE and NAVIGATION.

    Two Brightspot customization options the first being Navigation Title with the drop down tab being highlighted with a red box. The next is Navigation with the drop down tab being highlighted witha  red box.
    Photo by BYUH

    5. There you will see a drop down option with three options. Click the SELECT option.

    6. You can then search for a title or navigation of your choosing.

    7. After making the desired changes, go ahead and select WORKFLOW, then TO DEPT MGR REVIEW.

    If you want to learn how to create page navigation click this link here for Brightspot Navigation Tutorial