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Work With Lists

Lists can be a versatile tool in online content.

How to Make Lists

  1. Click ADD under CONTENT.
  2. Select the LIST tab.
  3. Choose a desired style from the list templates.
An image of the addon list with list tab being highlighted and on the right side of the page being a variety of list styles.
Photo by BYUH

List Content

In the following options you can do the following:

  • Edit TITLE for the list.
  • Edit DESCRIPTION to describe the list's content.
  • Choose either a BASIC, DYNAMIC, ADVANCED, or SOCIAL FEED under item with each having different characteristics for a list.
  • CALL TO ACTION options for INTERNAL or EXTERNAL links.
  • Choose and edit list styles.
An image of the list contents with title, description, items tab, call to action, and list styles being highlighted
Photo by BYUH


Allows you to browse Brightspot to add already existing pages or attachments to the list.

  • Click the ADD icon.
  • Search and select the pages you wish to put on the list.

Basic List

This is an example of a basic list in use, with list style (card, text only list).

Edit Page Promos

Instruction on how to edit the promo tabs of a page.


In contrast to basic, an advanced list allows you to customize and have more control over what is added on to the list. True to its name, the settings are more advanced than a basic style.

  • Click the ADD icon.
  • Choose what kind of content the list will have.
An image of the add tab where it has a drop down menu of the different contents that can be added, with the list be highlighted.
Photo by BYUH

Depending on what the list will contain, some styles might not work properly. Some of the most common content type used in advanced lists is a promo or rich text. Read more about How to Use Promos.

Advanced List

This is an example of an advanced list, using the list style "list accordion".
  • Example of advanced list

  • Example of advanced list

  • Example of advanced list


Dynamic lists are lists that update and change depending on what content filter settings are applied to the list. Dynamic lists can be set up to include only certain content types such as event pages, newsletters, employee pages, or articles. They can also be limited to include only content in a certain section or with a certain tag. When a new piece of content with those settings is published on the website, it will be automatically added to the list.

  • Click the ADD icon.
  • Choose what type of content will be listed by clicking the drop-down tab.
  • Edit the number of items per page and customize other dynamic filters.
An image of the dynamic list dashboard with types of content drop down menu and number of pages being highlighted.
Photo by BYUH

In order to choose what type of items show up on the list, TAGS allows the user to decide what content is on the dynamic list.

  • Click ADD TAG or create a TAG.
    Note, most users are not able to create new tags. If you would like to create a new tag, email to make your request. Additionally, you would have to add this tag to all the pages you want to associate the tag with.
An image of dynamic list dashboard with search tags field being highlighted.
Photo by BYUH

  • Choose a TAG

    Screenshot of the BrightSpot search dashboard with create "new tag" being highlighted.
    Photo by BYUH

Pieces of content can also be pinned at the top of the dynamic lists, and the dynamic results will show under the pinned content.

  • Scroll down to the list of the content itself.
  • Click the ADD field.
Image of the dynamic list contents with list with dynamic results with the add tab being highlighted.
Photo by BYUH

  • Choose the desired content.

Dynamic list

This is an example of dynamic list

Lastly, once you made changes to the page, go ahead and click PUBLISH.