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Workflow, Revisions, and New Content


Content revisions and new content in Brightspot must go through a workflow and approvals by users with different levels of permissions. The standard workflow at BYUH is a three-step process and status levels: editor, department manager, and University Communications review before publishing. Some department websites have slightly different (expanded) versions of this workflow with an extra approval step.

Content Editor

Content editors must submit work for review to the site content manager. They are only able to change the status of a piece of content to "depart mgr review" and are not able to submit to University Communications for review and publishing. Each website is limited to up to three content managers, two of which can be student employees.

Content Manager

It is the content manager's responsibility to review the work of the content editors. Content managers must be full-time or regular employees and can not be student employees. This is because of the content manager's responsibility over the content that is being submitted for publishing. They are to verify that the information is correct and appropriate.

If a content editor's work does not adhere to the BYUH website standards or does not accurately represent the messages or identity of the department, you can send it back to your content editor by clicking the workflow button and selecting the "TO EDITOR" option. Alternatively, you can revise the content yourself. If, on the other hand, you believe your editor's work is good and ready for publishing, you can submit it for review by University Communications by clicking the "TO UC" option. When you send it to UC for review, the status of the content or work you submitted will change to "UC REVIEW."

University Communications

The University Communications (UC) web team will review the work that was submitted to them within one business day. If the content is found to pass all accessibility, style, and brand requirements, it will be published. If they discover that it does not adhere to the standards of BYUH websites, the reviewer will either make simple corrections or send it back down the workflow by returning it to the content manager who submitted the work or directly to the content editor who was in charge of creating or revising it.

Creating Revisions

To modify a piece of content (page, article, module, video, image, author, etc.), you will need to create a new revision.

  1. Open the content piece you would like to revise (page, article, etc.)
  2. Click on the menu button (three dots) in the upper right corner of the window.
  3. Select "Start New Revision."
  4. Here you can name your revision so that you or other users know what changes you are making. It's best to keep this name short. Click "Create."
  5. Make any modifications needed by editing the fields on the left or using the widgets on the right.
  6. When ready to submit the changes, click the WORKFLOW button on the upper right corner of the window. 
  7. A window will open with options. After first creating the revision, editors can add a comment (optional) for the manager, then click TO DEPT MGR to submit. Content editors should then let the department manager know that a revision is waiting for them to review.

    An image with highlighted words of sending the work to department manager for review.
    Photo by BYUH

  8. Content managers can then review the content piece, make changes, and/or send the item back to the editor to make changes.

    Send to the editor: Add a comment (optional) and click "BACK TO EDITOR" if they would like to send it back to the editor to make additional modifications.

    Send to UC: Add a comment (optional) and click "TO UC" if ready to submit to University Communications for review and publishing.

An image with highlighted words of sending the work to University Communication for review or sending it back to editor.
Photo by BYUH

University Communications reviews content submitted for publishing at least once every business day. If you have content than needs to be published soon or at a certain time, email or contact Leilaini Guerrero by email or on Teams.