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Creating Event Pages for University Events Calendar

When you create an event page on your department's site, you are able to push it to the University Events site to have it featured on the university-wide calendar. This helps your events reach and attract a larger audience. Additionally, you retain full control over the event details. Make any necessary changes to your event page (photos, information, day and time, etc.), and any modifications are automatically mirrored on the duplicated page on University Events, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Creating and Pushing Event Pages to University Events

Creating an Event Page

  1. On your department's Brightspot site, choose the "Event" option from the Quick Start menu.
  2. Fill in all the event information accordingly (disregard section, category, and tags if not applicable).
  3. Subheadings should be set as H2. Any other titles or headings that come after should continue in order, H3, H4, and so on.
  4. When choosing a promo image, make sure that the photo does not contain any text for accessibility purposes. All promo images are shown in a square (1:1) ratio on the University Calendar but are shown in a rectangle (3:4) ratio on card lists.
  5. All on-campus locations are stored on the BYUH About site. To choose a location, click the search icon next to the location option. When the pop-up window appears, navigate to the left sidebar to "Misc Filters." Click the dropdown arrow under "Misc Filters" and click BYUH About. The location options will populate the list.

Sending Event Pages to the University Calendar

  1. Turn on the button under "Submit to University Events." The button will turn blue once it is on.
  2. As you continue with the regular workflow, add a reminder note on the additional workflow comment if the event needs to be pushed to University Events.
  3. University Communications will review and approve the event page upon brand adherence and publish it on the University Events site.