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Section, Page, and Article with Lead Content


A department's section page is the homepage of a site. It consists of lead and content.

A page and article are quite similar. The main differences are the content module options available.


Page can be assigned to a section. It also consists of lead and content areas.


An article can also be assigned to a section. It consists of lead and body. The body has only two options: rich text and list. Articles also have headlines and subheadlines instead of page titles and can also have an author or employee author and the author's job title. The time of publishing and the section the article belongs to are shown at the top of an article. Standard pages offer more content module options.


The screenshot below is an example of a page with no Lead.

An image showing an example when a content do not have a lead.
Photo by BYUH

Below is the screenshot of a Section with a Lead promo.

An image showing an example of what content would look like with a promo lead.
Photo by BYUH

Some popular or most frequently used lead and/or content modules:

  • Promo – Full Width
  • Promo – Full Width – Large
  • List – Card, Image On Top
  • List – Card, Image On Side
  • List – Card, Text Only
  • Gallery – Carousel
  • Rich Text