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BYU–Hawaii's Brand

Purpose and Role

BYU–Hawaii's brand identity reaches all over the world. How we define the BYUH brand starts here. Our brand includes the mission of BYU–Hawaii, our name, logos, and other elements, such as color, type, and graphics.

These guidelines reflect BYUH's commitment to quality and consistency. Each of us is responsible for protecting our University's image and identity by preventing unauthorized or incorrect use of the BYUH name and marks.

Together we can:

1. Know who we are and what we stand for
2. Strengthen the BYUH brand
3. Create on-brand consistent content

We require all BYUH departments and organizations to receive our official brand training.

Need training?

Request for our brand training by filling out the request form.

Trained already?

You are now entrusted with our official BYUH logos and will get the extra support from our brand and design team for your projects and events. Frequently refer back to our guidelines and use the Brand & Design Checklist!