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Department Faculty or Staff Directory

Add and remove an employee on a department directory or faculty/staff dynamic list.

Adding Employee

  1. To add an employee's name to your department's directory, go to "About Site" and use the search to find their names.
  2. After you've found their names, click it, and then scroll down to discover the employee group.
  3. After clicking the plus and magnifying glass icons, a sub-window will appear.
  4. Click search and write the name of the desired department where the employee should be placed.
  5. After adding the employee to their specific department click submit. Consider the following example.
An image with text explaining the choices of departments
Photo by BYUH

Removing Employee

  1. On the About site, search the name of the employee on the search, then click it upon finding it.
  2. Scroll down and look for the employee group.
  3. The employee is assigned to a department, remove that department by clicking the red minus icon.
  4. After removing their assigned department on the employee group click the the publish button to make the changes.