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Upload Images on Brightspot

Adding image.mp4

Upload an Image in Page Content

  1. From the dashboard, click the page. After opening the page, scroll down and click “Add” below the content, and then different kinds of content types will appear. Choose “RichText.”

  2. After opening the “RichText,” click the image icon if only a single picture to be uploaded.
  3. Click the magnifying glass icon under the image icon to open a new window.
  4. The image will be on the site if option #1 is followed; if not, the user can click the “new image” to upload a new one.
  5. After clicking the “new image,” a new window will appear. To upload an image, click the “CHOOSE” then locate the picture on the computer.
  6. Type down the image title in the example below the person's name in the picture. Type down the Alt text, Source, and Copyright Notice the same instruction with option #1. When everything is ready to upload, click the publish button.
  7. After publishing, click the “Save & Close” button to put the image in the content.

Upload Image Through Search

  1. Click the “Search” or the magnifying glass icon that can be found on the dashboard.
  2. After Clicking the “Search,” all content types will appear on the left side. Click the “All content types” and look for the “Image” by scrolling down and click it.
  3. Click the “New” to open a new window and follow the requirements to upload an image.


The Process will be the same as Option #1 & #2 when uploading a new image. Type down the Title, Alt text, source, copyright, and upload an image by clicking the “CHOOSE” then publish.

Upload an Image on the Dashboard Section

  1. On dashboard click “select” in the upload section.
  2. There will be two options to upload an image, “Choose files” or “Choose a folder.” If there are images organized in one folder, choose the second option; however, if there is only one image to upload, select the first option.
  3. Upon clicking the “Choose files,” locate the image to be uploaded.
  4. After choosing what image to upload, type down the “Alt text” to describe what is in the picture. Alt text helps visitors understand an image in the following situations:
    • If the browser cannot display the actual image, it shows the alt text.
    • Search engines examine alt text when indexing images.
    • Screen readers read the alt text.
  5. Scroll down after typing down the “Alt text” to see sources and copyright notice. Sources are the ones who took the images; in the example below, it’s the “BYUH Photography” since they are the ones who took the picture, same thing to copyright notice since the university is the one who owns the image.

After following all these requirements when uploading an image to Brightspot, it is ready to be uploaded officially by clicking the upload button at the bottom.


The image uploaded to a particular site will only be on that specific site. For example, the image uploaded in BYUH About will appear only on that site, not on any other school website.