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BYU–Hawaii Website Publishing

University Communications is working with Enterprise & Information Systems to migrate all website content to a new content management system (CMS) called BrightSpot. With BrightSpot, web publishing at BYU–Hawaii is simple and secure. University Communication's goal is to assist and empower university departments as they create online content that is consistent with the university's identity, accessible people of all abilities, and compliant with university policies.

Migration and Launch Process

University Communications and Enterprise & Information Systems has successfully launched a majority of BYUH sites in the new CMS. The remaining sites left to be launched are more complicated sites with special requirements. Please be patient with us as we work through this process and work to get each site's content editors and managers trained to be able to manage and revise their own site's content.

Request Revisions

Notice something that needs to be changed on or something missing from a BYU–Hawaii website? Contact that site's content manager to request a change.

Content Managers and Editors

Please make sure you're emailing the right people going forward. University Communications will continue to facilitate training, access, and publishing of online content. Please remember, University Communication's responsibility is to train and manage department access so that departments are able to manage their own online content within university guidelines.