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BYU–Hawaii Brand

University Name

When writing the university name, always make sure to represent it consistently. The three appropriate uses of the name are as follows:

  • Brigham Young University–Hawaii
    • With an en dash (–), not em dash (—), hyphen (-), or space
    • Used when first referring to the university name in any official communication piece, and whenever possible in subsequent references
  • BYU–Hawaii
    • With an en dash (–), not em dash (—), or space
    • Acceptable on second reference
  • BYUH
    • Only the acronym
    • Avoid using in official publications and correspondence

Why the En Dash (–)?

According to the Church Style Guide, "universities that have more than one campus use the en dash to link the campus location to the name of the university."
(e.g., BYU–Idaho, BYU–Hawaii *excludes BYU, in Provo)

How to Type the En Dash

  • PC Users: Hold ALT and on the numeric keypad, enter 0150. For laptops, you may have to press an additional key to activate your numeric pad. The alternative option is to hold CTRL and then press the hyphen key (-).
  • Mac Users: Hold option and then press the hyphen key (-).

*Typing the en dash may vary depending on the device, software, platform, browser, or keyboard capabilities. For additional assistance, email