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BYU–Hawaii's Brand

Editorial Style Guide

Names and Job Titles of Employees

If you need the official name of an employee and their job title(s), refer to Workday. Job titles and names can be corrected through the Workday system and then approved by Human Resources.

Also, be sure to see the capitalization guidelines for job titles under titles in the list of BYUH terms.

Church-Related Terms

For any church-related terms, refer to the Church Style Guide for Editors and Writers and Comma Style Guide.

General Style Guide

For any other terms, not mentioned in our Editorial Style Guide, our university uses The Associated Press Stylebook.

Hawaiian Dictionary

For any Hawaiian terms, refer to this online Hawaiian Dictionary.

BYUH Terms

The guide below defines and clarifies the spelling and treatment of BYUH terms and related academic terms. Regardless of which general editorial style you adhere to, please follow these guidelines for BYUH publications and communication. Send corrections and comments to

BYUH Terms

areas of responsibility include the seven academic faculties, two academic vice presidents, Academic Advising, Curriculum Services, Center for Learning & Teaching, Faculty Advisory Council, Joseph F. Smith Library, and the Office of the Registrar.

• Capitalize when referring to the organization.
• Lowercase when making general references to academics.

Academic Advising

coordinates with students, faculty, and advisers to provide assistance and support to students’ academic life throughout their time at BYU–Hawaii.

Academic Advisory Center (AAC)

houses Academic Advising (the department) and their academic advisors.

Academic Computing Lab Services

orders, installs, and configures all computers and printers in the open labs, lounges, hale offices, TVA offices, as well as a number of closed labs.

academic degrees

Capitalize the academic degrees when stating the full name of the degree. General references to the degrees are not capitalized.

She earned a Bachelor of Science from...
He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in visual arts..
She has a bachelor's degree...
I hold a doctoral degree (or doctorate)...

Do not use the apostrophe in associate degree or doctoral degree.

*See majors/minors about mentioning the fields of study along with the degree type.

academic faculties

includes seven academic faculties that house and direct the academic programs.

These academic faculty units are considered as departments, while the academic programs are not.

Academic Multimedia Lab (AML)

assists students and faculty with projects and the media development lab.

academic nursery

where cultivation and propagation of flora for transplantation and experimentation is facilitated for educational purposes.

Academic Oval

operates as the campus’ large roundabout, starting at the right side of the front entrance of the university and all the way around back to the left side.

academic program

the group of majors, minors, and certificates. Treated as proper nouns when referring specifically to official academic programs at BYU–Hawaii.

The academic programs under the academic faculty units are not departments. They should be referred to as programs.

Visual Arts Program
English Program
The Music, Visual Arts, and Theatre programs (plural usage)
I work for the Faculty of Sciences' Biology Program.
There are computer science programs offered at the universities on the island. (generally speaking)

See capitalization

Access & Collections Services

comprised of circulation, reserves, interlibrary loan, and technical services.


areas of responsibility include the Budget Office, Human Resources, Financial Services, Office of Compliance & Ethics, and Office of Information Technology.


responsible for a range of admissions activities including, but not limited to admissions decision making and credential evaluation, enrollment monitoring, prospective student advising, awards and criteria, program management, and the development of marketing plans and strategies for recruitment/outreach.

Aloha Center (ACR)

acts as the welcome center for the BYUH Campus.

Aloha Center Ballroom (ACB)

hosts a variety of events such as school dances, performances, the BYUH Farmers Market, and can be reserved for student weddings.

  • Aloha Center Ballroom
  • ballroom
Aloha Center Information Desk

serves as a welcome center for the university in the Aloha Center Mall and provide responsive information, handles student ID cards, collects the lost & found items, and others services.

Not the Aloha Center Front Desk, Aloha Front Desk, or any other variation.

Aloha Center Mall

the main inside-area of the Aloha Center where people can gather, lounge, study, etc.

Aloha Plaza

the plaza between the Aloha Center and Banyan Dining Hall.

  • Aloha Plaza
  • plaza
Alumni Relations

serves and connects BYUH alumni through associations and its department services.


  • alumnus/alumni (male singular/male plural)
  • alumna/alumnae (female singular/female plural)
  • alum (used informally for either singular male or female)
  • alumni/alums (mixed male and female plural)
Asia Pacific Career Conference (APCC)

an annual career conference hosted by the Ho‘okele department and sub-department, Career Services.

Do not use hyphen in “Asia Pacific.” See more under dual-heritage.

Assessment Services

areas of responsibility are Institutional Research, Institutional Assessment, and the Testing Center.

Auxiliary Services

provides BYU–Hawaii with goods and services that are essential to its success. Areas of responsibility are the BYUH Store, Food Services, Housing Operations, Mail Center, Print Services, Financial Services' Purchasing division, and Travel Services.


The name of an award is capitalized, but other words or phrases to describe the award are not a part of the award’s name.

See capitalization

Banyan Dining Hall (BDH)

building and facility
the on-campus dining hall that serves students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Short Names:

  • the "Banyan"
  • "Banyan Dining"
  • dining hall

Not the Cafeteria, Caf, Cafe, Club Dining, or any other variation that isn't mentioned in this style guide.

board of trustees

  • board of trustees
  • BYU–Hawaii’s Board of Trustees (official name)
  • board (referring to the Church or BYUH—or any other entity’s board, for that matter)
  • trustee
Brigham Young University–Hawaii

  • Brigham Young University–Hawaii (using the en dash)
  • the university
  • BYU–Hawaii
  • BYUH (not BYU–H)
Brigham Young University, BYU–Idaho, and BYU–Pathway World Wide

Use BYU alone when referring to the Provo campus. For other BYU campuses, use an en dash (–), not a hyphen (-) or an em dash (—), to connect BYU with the campus name.

  • Brigham Young University; Brigham Young University–Idaho; Brigham Young University–Pathway Worldwide
  • BYU, BYU–Idaho; BYU–Pathway Worldwide
  • Never BYU–Provo, BYU–I, or BYU–PW
Budget Office

presents, reviews, and maintains the university’s budget.

buildings (BYUH campus)

When used with the name of a BYUH campus building, capitalize Building. Lowercase building when used on its own.

  • Heber J. Grant Building
  • McKay Classroom Building
  • The building will be completed in 2025.
BYUH Store

provides students with textbooks and other materials that they may need throughout their academic course and sells BYU–Hawaii apparel, art and books from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and local vendors.

Call Center & Helpdesk

assist students and faculty with resetting CES net IDs and email passwords, minor computer problems, wireless connectivity, window updates, and Symantec antivirus installs and updates.

Campus Home

an on-campus home that houses BYUH administration and VIP guests that visit campus.

Campus Maintenance

See Maintenance Management

Campus News

creates the student-produced magazine and online media organization, Ke Alaka‘i.

See Ke Alaka‘i.

Campus Property Services

helps maintain the custodial and physical needs of the university.

Campus Receiving & Distribution

oversees the central store, providing a variety of products at competitive prices, purchasing orders, and delivering them in timely matter.

Campus Safety & Security

provides a safe and secure environment in a courteous and professional manner. They oversee all safety and security protocols at BYU–Hawaii, as well as parking permits, sexual misconduct, and construction updates.

  • Campus Safety & Security
  • Campus Safety
  • Campus Security
  • BYUH Safety
  • BYUH Security
  • safety
  • security
Cannon Activities Center (CAC)

CAC seats 4,500 for devotionals, graduations ceremonies, concerts, and numerous campus and community activities. It also houses the band room, choir room, classrooms, International Student Services, issue room, locker rooms, Seasider Sports & Activities, and hosting areas.

  • George Q. Cannon Activities Center
  • Cannon Activities Center
  • Cannon Center
  • activities center

Avoid unnecessary capitalization. Use a capital letter only if you can justify it by one of the listed principles.

  • Proper Nouns: Capitalize nouns that have unique identification for a specific person, place, or thing. Some common nouns receive proper noun status when they are used as the name of a particular entity.

  • Proper Names: Capitalize common nouns such as program, university, and street when they are an integral part of the full name for a person, place, or thing.

    Visual Arts Program, Brigham Young University–Hawaii, Kulanui Street

    Lowercase these common nouns when they stand alone in subsequent references.

    the program, the university, the street

    Lowercase the common noun elements of names in plural uses.

    The Visual Arts and Music programs, Moana and Kulanui streets.

  • Exception: Capitalize plurals of formal titles with full names.

    Vice Presidents Isaiah Walker and Steve Tueller.

  • Family Names: Capitalize words denoting family relationships when they substitute for a person's name.

    I called my mom.
    I gave the car keys to Mom.

  • Informal Names: Capitalize words such as professor, doctor, coach, etc., when they substitute for a person's name.

    What's the homework for tonight, Professor?
    Let me email my professor. I think professor Lee would know.
    The doctor told me that I needed to drink more water.
    Am I sick, Doctor?

    See titles for guidelines on formal titles and job titles.

Career Services


Cashier’s Office

responsible for collecting payments for tuition, housing, meal plans, fees, and other miscellaneous charges. Cashiering staff also aids in providing student account information, disbursing payroll and refund checks, and processing other campus payments for students, employees, and the community.

Center for Academic Success

assists students to position themselves for success, through academic improvements, time managements, and student support.

Center for Hospitality & Tourism

prepares BYU–Hawaii students for a career in hospitality and tourism. It offers support organizations such as the Ho‘okipa Society and the Akamai Hospitality Network to help transition graduating students into the workplace.

Center for Learning & Teaching

inspires faculty and adjunct faculty to effectively implement the BYU–Hawaii Learning Framework, develop the English language proficiency of their students, and encourage cross-cultural engagement among all students.

Full Name: (Used for official communication)

  • Edward D. Smith Center for Learning & Teaching

Short Name:

  • Center for Learning & Teaching
Ceramics Studio Building (CST)

houses the BYUH ceramic studio and hosts all ceramic and sculpting classes on campus.

Church College of Hawaii (CCH)

the former name of BYU–Hawaii.

Church Education System (CES)

class of

class of [year] (class not capitalized)

  • the class of 2026
Client Services

manages the inventory of university computers and the purchase and replacement process of computers. Removal, disposal, or surplus of replaced computers, hardware and software support, and many other services.


provides students with opportunities to develop a sense of belonging at BYU–Hawaii, learn and practice leadership, apply principles learned in academic programs, and serve the campus and community by sharing their hobbies, talents, cultures, traditions, and interests.

• Capitalize when referring to the department.
• Lowercase when making general references to clubs.

commencement and convocation

commencement, convocation, and graduation are not synonymous. Commencement is the event at which the university celebrates the graduation of its students. Convocation is the corresponding college-level event. Graduation is what happens to make these events possible. Capitalize the formal title of a particular commencement exercise. Lowercase non-specific references.

  • BYUH commencement
  • university commencement
  • commencement
  • 60th Fall Commencement Exercises
  • April (or winter) 2020 commencement exercises
  • December (or fall) commencement
  • June graduation
computer labs

Capitalize when they begin a sentence or are treated as a header.

  • BYUH computer labs are...
  • Computer lab hours are…
  • I am going to the computer lab(s).

A structured plan of study within an academic program. Treated as improper nouns.

  • The BYUH Visual Arts Program offers concentrations in graphic design and painting.
  • I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in business management and a concentration in marketing.

Lowercase generic references to convocation exercises; capitalize specific references.

See commencement

  • convocations
  • convocation exercises
Counseling & Disability Services

assist students in resolving personal and emotional problems that impede graduation. This will be done by providing culturally sensitive and professional counseling centered on gospel principles and evidence-based treatments. Counseling services offers mental health services, outreach services, and group therapy services as well as time-limited therapy/counseling to individuals, couples, and families who are full-time students and/or dependents of full-time students at BYU–Hawaii.

  • Counseling & Disability Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Disability Services

an on-campus convenience store that offers a variety of food, candy, and goods.

Use a hyphen between C and Store. Capitalize Store.

Culture Night

an annual event hosted by BYUH Clubs every winter semester.

Curriculum Services

coordinates the review of proposals for new and revised curricular changes on behalf of the University Curriculum Council. Additionally, the University Curriculum office maintains the course catalog and receives and processes course fee changes.

dance studio(s)

BYUH has two dance studios. One in the McKay Gym and another one in the Fitness Studio.


Write out the dates including the month and day. Always use Arabic figures, without st, nd, rd or the. When a phrase refers to a month and day within the current year, do not include the year. If the reference is to a past or future year, include the year and set it off with commas. Years are an exception to the general rule in numerals that a figure is not used to start a sentence.

  • December 20, 2030, is the target date.
  • 2020 was a weird year.

Use an s without an apostrophe to indicate spans of decades or centuries.

  • the 1800s

See months for more.

David O. McKay Auditorium (AUD)

the main auditorium on the BYUH campus. It hosts a variety of events like school plays, musicals, concerts, and art shows.

Short Names:

  • McKay Auditorium
  • auditorium
David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding

provides students with the knowledge and practical tools necessary for peace, analyze conflict in various settings and at various degrees, and then to transform those conflicts to bring about peace where it was once missing.

David O. McKay Classroom Building (MCK)

houses the McKay Foyer, production studio, Little Theater, and the three faculty units: 1. Faculty of Arts & Letters, 2. Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts, and 3. Faculty of Sciences.

Short Names:

  • McKay Classroom Building
  • McKay Building
Disability Services

See Counseling & Disability Services


a general topic of study.

See majors, minors, and academic disciplines

Dress and Grooming Standards

Lowercase and treated as a improper noun. Only capitalize for headers.


Do not use hyphens for dual-heritage terms. When possible, refer to a person’s country of origin or follow the person’s preference.

  • Filipino American, Indian American, Asian American

Avoid using Asian as shorthand for Asian American when possible.

Do not describe Pacific Islanders as Asian Americans, Asians, or of Asian descent.

Edward D. Smith Center for Learning & Teaching

inspires faculty and adjunct faculty to effectively implement the BYU–Hawaii Learning Framework, develop the English language proficiency of their students, and encourage cross-cultural engagement among all students.

Full Name: (Used for official communication)

  • Edward D. Smith Center for Learning & Teaching

Short Name:

  • Center for Learning & Teaching

also known as concentration.

See more under concentration/emphasis

Empower Your Dreams

entrepreneurship competition
an annual entrepreneurship competition, hosted by the Willes Center, that's held every winter semester.

Full Name: (Used for official communication)

  • Ed & Shauna Smith Empower Your Dreams Competition

Short Name:

  • Empower Your Dreams Competition
Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

This is the university's motto. Always use a period between the two phrases. Uppercase when used as a header. Lowercase when used in body paragraphs.

  • Header: Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.
  • Body Paragraph: I love reading the words at the university's entrance, "Enter to learn. Go forth to serve."
Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)

responsible for programming, system analytics, and business infrastructure of the university.

Event Services & Outreach

sponsors both non-credit and special programs held at BYU–Hawaii. As well as manages the scheduling for department facilitates across campus.

Facilities Management (FM)

maintains the physical environment and university facilities as well as provides services for the use of learning, living, and working; while overseeing, the long term needs and construction of university facilities.

Facilities Management Office (FMO)

the office for Facilities Management

Facilities Management Shop Building 1 (FS1)

houses Facilities Management shop space and storage.

Facilities Management Shop Building 2 (FS2)

houses Facilities Management shop space and storage.

Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)

facilitates and chooses the lecturer for the annual David O. McKay Lecture series and hosts forums to further expanding academic insight and teaching moral values, as well as a place where new knowledge and vital issues could be discussed.

Faculty of Arts & Letters

the programs of the Faculty of Arts & Letters are deeply rooted in their humanistic genealogy in literature and visual arts, and also in the emerging fields of communication and media students.

Faculty of Business & Government

comprised of business, accounting, hospitality and tourism management, entrepreneurship, and political science, this faculty provides a solid academic foundation for students. Combined with strong theoretical learning, students develop practical competencies that prepare them for immediate employment, both domestically and internationally. Graduates find opportunities in for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

Faculty of Culture, Language & Performing Arts

responsible for educating students through cultivating critical thinking and promoting performances within the academic areas of cultural anthropology, Hawaiian studies, history, integrated humanities, intercultural peacebuilding, languages, Pacific Islands studies, music, and theatre. This faculty unit fulfills the arts & humanities way of knowing (epistemology) within the Holokai curriculum and addresses all the institutional outcomes.

Faculty of Education & Social Work

social work prepares individuals to engage professionally helping individuals, groups, or communities to enhance or restore their capacity for social functions and creating societal conditions favorable to this goal; also involves the TESOL Program, EIL Program, and Teacher Education Program.

Faculty of Math & Computing

includes the programs of computer and information sciences and mathematics that prepares students to solve technical problems using algorithms, mathematics and software learn to develop the computer-based systems and technology infrastructure used in organizational processes.

Faculty of Religious Education

responsible for the Religious Education component of all Brigham Young University–Hawaii students’ education.

Faculty of Sciences

includes the programs of Biochemistry & Physical Sciences, Biology, Exercise & Sport Sciences, and Psychology. Members of this Faculty use scientific reasoning to study and explain the natural world and human behavior. Graduates go on to graduate schools in a wide range of scientific disciplines, professional schools, as well as excellent careers in related fields in the U.S. and our Target Area.

Farmers Market

hosted by Food Services.

No apostrophe (possessive) in "Farmers"

Financial Aid & Scholarships

helps provide every qualified student with the aid that they need through programs such as, Pell Grants, Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, Tech Grants, and scholarships provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and generous donors.

Financial Services

responsible for accounting services, cashier services, payroll, and student personal accounts.

Fitness Center

is the on-campus Fitness Center open to students, faculty, and staff; also includes the weight room.

Fitness Studio (FIT)

a facility with three different rooms with different equipment/setup: FIT 110 has weights, FIT 120 has TRX equipment, and FIT 130 has space for activities like yoga, Zumba, pilates, dancing, and free play.

Flag Circle

serves as the roundabout in front of the McKay Foyer; also presents all of the different flags of our students’ home countries.

Fleet Services

provides and maintains the fleet of vehicles owned by the university for the use of students and faculty.

Food Fest

an annual event hosted by Student Leadership & Services' Clubs every fall semester.

Food Services

manages the facilities, such as the Banyan Dining Hall, the Seasider Snackbar, C-Store, and the Micro Market. Also, provides catering services and hosts the Farmers Market on campus.

Founders Day and Founders Week

the celebration of the establishment of Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

There is no apostrophe in "Founders" as the word is treated as an adjective to the event name.

Give & Take

a BYUH donation center run by the Student Life that allows students, faculty, staff, and community members to donate items for others to use.

Great Ideas

entrepreneurship competition
an annual entrepreneurship competition, hosted by the Willes Center, that's held every fall semester.

Full Name: (Used for official communication)

  • Ryan & Shauna Ockey Great Ideas Competition

Short Name:

  • Great Ideas Competition

preserves the grounds of the university through gardening, landscape, and pest control.

gym parking lot

provides parking near the McKay Gym and behind the Cannon Activities Center.

Habitat Restoration Project

where students and faculty study and practice the science of ecological restoration, creating to a space where students and community members can connect with native species and indigenous knowledge.

Hales (1-10)

on-campus housing for single students.

  • Students living in Hales 1 and 3...
  • Students living in the hales...

Lowercase "hale" when it isn't mentioned along with a number.

hale courtyard

the common grassy area between the hales connected to the hale pavilion for students as a gathering spot.

hale pavilion

the cement tented area between the hales for students to gather.

Hale Sports Court

See sports court

Health Center (HCB)

the on-campus Health Center for all current students and houses Health Services.

Health Services

offers medical care and assistance to all students, their dependents, and DMBA managed care participants who have identified the university doctor as their primary care provider.

Student Medical Benefit

Heber J. Grant Building (HGB)

houses the Center for Hospitality & Tourism, the Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship, and the Faculty of Business & Government offices.

HGB parking lot

provides parking behind the Heber J. Grant Building.


the academic voyage for BYUH students to plan out towards graduation—combining a major with two minors or certificates. "holo" = to go, to move, to travel. "kai" = ocean.


a six-day college preparation experience at the culturally diverse Brigham Young University–Hawaii campus. "holo" = to go, to move, to travel. "mua" = forward. Hosted by Student Recruitment.

Honor Code

a set of standards by which students, faculty, and staff members are to live by.

  • BYUH Honor Code (not BYUH Code of Honor)
  • the Honor Code
  • Church Educational System (or CES) Honor Code (when applicable to BYU, BYU–Hawaii, BYU–Idaho, Ensign College, and BYU–Pathway Worldwide)
  • Office of Honor
  • Student Honor Team
  • Dress and Grooming Standards

serves current students and prepares their foundation throughout their campus life. "Ho‘okahua" is the Hawaiian word for "to establish/build a foundation." Uses an ‘okina after the first o, not an apostrophe.



serves prospective students with their path to BYU–Hawaii, and current students and alumni beyond graduation. "Ho‘okele" is the Hawaiian word for "to navigate." Uses an ‘okina after the first o, not an apostrophe.


Ho‘olokahi Chamber Choir

musical group
one of our university choirs. Has the mission to generate harmony by capitalizing on diversity, bringing together singers from around the globe in a space where meaningful musical exchange and growth can occur.

Note the two diacritical marks in the official name:
Ho‘olōkahi Chamber Choir

Housing Office Building (HOB)

houses Residential Life.

Housing Office parking lot

provides parking outside of the Housing Office.

Housing Operations

responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of university housing and student housing.


  • Housing Property Services
  • Housing Maintenance

Related Terms:

  • townhouse, townhouses
  • off-campus university housing

an activity area that is open to both students and community members, and can be booked for private events. It provides bowling, video games, ping pong, pool tables, and other activities that can be used for a fee.

Human Resources

responsible for services related to employment at BYU–Hawaii, hiring employees, onboarding, employee benefits, etc.

hyphens (-)

Hyphens are joiners. Use hyphens to avoid ambiguity or to form a single idea from two or more words. Think of them as an aid to readers' comprehension. If using a hyphen makes the meaning clearer, use it. Don't use it if it just adds clutter and distraction to the sentence. Consider rephrasing the sentence if there is confusion about how to use them. Do not hyphenate dual-heritage terms. See dual-heritage for more.

Commonly hyphenated words at BYU–Hawaii:

  • work-study
  • on-campus*
  • off-campus*
  • C-Store

*Use only when using it to describe the type of housing, not as to where they live.

IWORK is a work-study program.
On-campus housing is available.
I live off campus. ("off campus" is not used as an adjective)
She is going to move to off-campus housing.
There are spots available for housing on campus.
There are spots available for on-campus housing.

Information Technology Infrastructure (ITI)

responsible for laying all of the data cable network on campus and managing all of the switches, routers, and core network devices, and connections to the internet.

Information Technology Operations (ITO)

responsible for the information technology needs of the university which includes everything from the wall or network, to the use. Some examples of these are: computer & monitors, keyboards & computer mouse’s, local university applications, printers, projectors, and podiums.

Institutional Assessment

responsible for numerous evaluations and assessment activities for the university. These may include but are not limited to course evaluations, surveys, program reviews for academic and non-academic units, focus groups, interviews, etc. This data is then used to support various units on campus in strategic, effective, and aligned with the mission of the university. In addition, the data is used for reports for external stakeholders such as WSCUC, the regional accreditor plus the state of Hawaii and federal government.

Institutional Research

responsible for collecting, interpreting, and disseminating university information to both internal and external constituencies through routine and ad hoc reports. This information supports institutional management, planning, and decision making and serves as a basis for reports and surveys requested from governmental and commercial agencies.

Instructional Services

is compromised Reference and Instruction Services, the Pacific Islands Research Room, and the Academic Multimedia Lab; contributes to the university’s mission by providing quality reference and research services and instruction in the information literacy skills students require to support their academic needs and to help them become lifelong learners.

International Student Services (ISS)

ensures that all international students, (those who live outside of the USA), have all current immigration documents necessary to maintain legal status with the US Government on file.


Capitalize island or islands as part of a proper name.

the Hawaiian Islands

Lowercase island or islands when they stand alone or when the reference is to the islands in a given area.

the Pacific islands
the island of Oahu


work-study program
stands for the International Work Opportunity Return-ability Kuleana Program (long form)

IWORK Program (short form)

job titles

See titles

Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian & Pacific Studies

offers a curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in either Hawaiian Studies or in Pacific Islands Studies. Programs and minors offered are divided into Hawaiian Studies and Pacific Island Studies.

Full Names:
Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian & Pacific Studies

Short Name:
Nāpela Center

Joseph F. Smith Library (JFS)

is the university library that helps assist student to succeed at BYU–Hawaii. They provide book loan, inter-library loan, computers, movies, and more. As well as librarians and circulation desks to help students and faculty with library needs.

  • Joseph F. Smith Library
  • BYUH library
  • the university library
  • the library

an agricultural land plot on campus where the Hawaiian Studies Program teaches kuleana (stewardship) for ka ‘āina (the land), including the lo’i (taro patch).

Ke Alaka‘i

began as a newsletter, changed to a tabloid-sized newspaper in the 1980s, and has evolved now into a monthly, 60-page magazine and online media organization. Uses an ‘okina before the i. See Campus News Center.

Kumuwaiwai Center for Sustainability

a student and faculty group dedicated to helping the university become more sustainable and cost-efficient through recycling, energy-saving, and multiple other sustainable initiatives. They run the Sustainability Farm, Kahualoa, Academic Nursery, and Habitat Restoration Project.

Language & Speech Lab

assists students in reaching their language and speech courses and goals; provides material and helps for all levels, including trained language and speech tutors, books, text books, audio, and online programs.

Lanihuli Gardens

where the Kumuwaiwai Center for Sustainability teaches sustainability skills and provides food for its participants, volunteers, and Food Services.


See Joseph F. Smith Library

Little Theater (LTH)

a secondary auditorium on campus that is used for a classroom and area to use for student activities, plays, and socials.

Lorenzo Snow Administration Building (LSB)

houses the President’s office, University Communications, Institutional Research, the Budget Office, Enterprise Information Systems, Title IX, the Ho‘okele Department, Financial Aid, Financial Services, Human Resources, and the Polynesian Cultural Center administration offices.

  • Lorenzo Snow Administration Building
  • Lorenzo Snow Building
  • Snow Building
  • Admin Building
Mail Center

offers general postal services to students, faculty, staff, and general community.

main parking lot

serves as the campus’ main parking lot for visitors, faculty, staff, and students near the Lorenzo Snow Administration Building, the Aloha Center, and Aloha Center Ballroom.

Maintenance Management

fulfills and maintains all work order requests from students, staff, and on-campus housing.


  • Campus Maintenance
  • Systems Maintenance
majors, minors, and academic disciplines

Lowercase the names of the majors, minors, and academic disciplines, except for those that are already proper nouns.

  • history
  • Hawaiian studies
  • Pacific studies
  • business management
  • visual arts
  • math

[Person's name] has a [capitalized degree type] with a major in [lowercase major*] and a concentration in [lowercase concentration].

[Person's name] is majoring in [lowercase major*] with a [lowercase concentration] concentration.

*Some exceptions, such as English.

Adam Matthews has a Bachelor of Science with a major in business management and a concentration in marketing.
Suzy Miller is majoring in visual arts with a graphic design concentration.
He is a business management major.
She is studying visual arts/graphic design.

makai front field

ocean side front field.

makai hale parking lot

ocean side parking lot, providing parking by Hales 3, 5, 7.

math lab

located in Science Building Room 302; provides top-quality support to the students of BYU–Hawaii in all of their math needs.

mauka front field

mountain side front field.

mauka hale parking lot

mountain side parking lot, providing parking by Hales 4, 6, and 8.

McKay Auditorium

See David O. McKay Auditorium

McKay Building

See David O. McKay Classroom Building

McKay Faculty Building (MFB)

houses faculty offices located by the Little Theater.

McKay Foyer

houses the David O. McKay Center for Intercultural Understanding and open to the public for campus tours.

  • foyer
McKay Gymnasium & Pool (GYM)

houses some of the programs from the Faculty of Sciences, dance studio, Fitness Center, weight room, university pool, and Physiology Lab. It is not the Old Gym.

To separate the two locations, use:

  • McKay Gymnasium or McKay Gym
  • McKay Pool
  • gym
  • pool
McKay Sports Court

See sports court

Media Productions

creates and manages all visual, written, and multi-media products that are produced by BYU–Hawaii.

  • Media Productions
  • Media Production Team
Media Services

delivers multimedia resources and services to classes and to other instructional programs and events that are part of the university’s curriculum.

Micro Market

a mini grocery store in Hale 1 to bring convenience to on-campus students. Sells a range of items in bulk such as noodles, cereal, milk, eggs, canned goods, and hygiene products.

Mikionele Way

leads traffic farther out than the Academic Oval, behind the academic buildings, to the hales and the Temple View Apartments (TVA).

mission of Brigham Young University–Hawaii, The

the mission of Brigham Young University–Hawaii

  • the mission of BYUH
  • the BYUH mission statement
  • mission statement

Capitalize the names of months in all uses. When a month is used with a specific date, abbreviate only Jan., Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. Spell out when using alone, or with a year alone.

When a phrase lists only a month and a year, do not separate the year with commas. When a phrase refers to a month, day and year, set off the year with commas.

  • January 2016 was a cold month.
  • Jan. 2 was the coldest day of the month.
  • Her anniversary is May 12.
  • Feb. 14, 2021, was the due date.
  • She stated that it was Wednesday, Dec. 24 , when the accident happened.
  • In tabular material, use these three-letter forms without a period: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.
MPC parking lot

provides parking by the Multi-Purpose Center (MPC)

Museum of Natural History

established in 1978, it contains a large collection of vertebrates and invertebrates from Hawaii, the Pacific, and around the world.

Napela Center

See Jonathan Nāpela Center for Hawaiian & Pacific Studies.

Napela Drive

operates as a two-way street from the Shumway Gate down to the Polynesian Cultural Center’s employee back gate.


a wireless secure network service for the BYUH campus.


  • Spell out one through nine.
    I leave Hawaii in two months.
    He finished second in the race.

Use figures for 10 or above and whenever preceding a unit of measure or referring to ages of people, animals, events or things. Also in all tabular matter, and in statistical and sequential forms.

  • Use figures for:
    • academic course numbers:
      • English 315, Religion 100
    • addresses: Use the abbreviations Ave., Blvd. and St. only with a numbered address. Spell them out without a number.
      • 55-220 Kulanui St.
      • Kulanui Street
    • ages: Use hyphens for ages expressed as adjectives before a noun or as substitutes for a noun.
      • a 5-year-old boy; an 2-year-old policy
      • The boy is 5 years old.
      • The boy, 5, has a young sibling, 3.
      • The competition is for 12-year-olds.
      • The lady is in her 40s. 40-something, but Forty-something to start a sentence.
    • mathematical usage:
      • Multiply by 3
      • Add 2 and 6 to make 8.
    • monetary units:
      • 20 cents
      • $20 bill
    • rank:
      • That is my No. 1 choice. (abbreviate "number")
      • We made it to the Top 10!
    • school grades: Use figures for grades 10 and above. Spell out for first through ninth grades.
    • sequential designations: Use figures, but spell out ordinal numbers ninth and under. Capitalize the first letter for a single designation. Use lowercase for plurals.
      • Stage 3, Size 24, Room 155, Tier 1
      • rooms 155 and 157.
    • temperatures: Use figures, except zero.
    • units of measure:
      • 5 feet high
      • 6-foot man
      • 24 miles
  • Spell Out:
    • at the start of a sentence: Spell out numbers at the start of a sentence.
    • ordinals: These are numbers that indicate order. Spell out first through ninth. Use figures starting with 10th.
off-campus university housing

off-campus non-student housing for faculty and staff.


Departments can refer to their offices as [department name] office (note: office is lowercase) when their offices don’t have a different name from the department name.

  • University Communications office
  • Campus News Center office
  • Campus Safety & Security office
Office of Compliance & Ethics

provide audit and consulting services to the university to ensure compliance with university policies and procedures; local, state, and federal laws and regulations; review of departmental and process efficiency and effectiveness.

Office of Customer Experience


Office of Honor

upholds a unique moral code in academics, dress and grooming, and living, to ensure the high moral character and integrity of Brigham Young University–Hawaii.

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

provides support for infrastructure, communication, media, and informational services to both academic and business branches of the university.

Office of the President

areas of responsibility include the President’s Council.

Office of the Registrar

assists students and faculty with academic records and curriculum requests. i.e. registration, graduation, transcripts, class schedule, etc.


areas of responsibility include Auxiliary Services, Campus Safety & Security, Design & Project Management, and Facilities Management.

Pacific Islands Research Room

is devoted to the study and learning of the people of the Pacific Islands; filled with books, periodicals, maps, and many artifacts relating to the Pacific Islands.


See Financial Services

phone numbers

Departments and employees should provide the area code and the remaining eight digits of their phone number. Avoid providing only the extension number, especially for those who are off-campus and need to call from off-campus or a cellphone.

  • (808) 675-3211
physiology lab

assists students in the Faculty of Sciences.

Planning, Design, & Construction

responsible for the entitlement, planning, design, and construction of all maintenance projects and new construction projects on campus.

Project Management

Portables 1-3 (P1-P3)

Portable 1 and Portable 2 serve as computer labs, and Portable 3 houses the Math Learning Center.

Lowercase "portables" when not mentioned including a number.

  • The portables are outside the library.
  • I'm going to Portable 2.
President's Conference Room

serves as a conference room for the university president. Also known as the PC Room.

President’s Council

is charged with determining the strategic directions of the university on all levels: educational, fiscal, spiritual, and physical. Their primary focus is the success of each individual student and the leadership development of the entire BYU–Hawaii ohana as well as how the decisions of BYU–Hawaii affect Laie and the surrounding community.

President’s Home

the home of the current BYUH president and his family.

President John S.K. Kauwe III

the eleventh president of BYU–Hawaii.

  • President John S.K. Kauwe III
  • President Kauwe
  • ... the university president, John S.K. Kauwe III.
  • ... the president

See more under titles

Print Services

a full-service print shop that exists to serve the university. It is available to students and the community for business and personal printing needs.

  • BYUH Print Services
  • Print Services
Priority Prints

the customer service center of Print Services. Where customers can also get small print jobs done at the self-serving station.

Production Studio

a studio reserved for students to create graphics, videos, and other media types.


See majors and minors

Project Management

manages maintenance and construction activities on campus.


  • Maintenance Projects
  • Construction Projects

the authorized agent of the university for making commitments to off–campus vendors for the purchase of supplies, equipment, and services on behalf of departments.

Reading Writing Lab

a free resource for students, staff, and faculty where they provide various services, including one-on-one and group tutorials, workshops, in-class workshops, citation assistance, etc.

Receiving Warehouse

the primary delivery point for campus-wide receiving.

Recycling Center

campus recycling transfer facility.

Registrar, Office of the

See Office of the Registrar

Residential Life

offers several living options and assists students and eligible faculty/staff with their housing needs.


See Campus Safety & Security

Science Building (SCB)

houses faculty from the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Math & Computing, teaching laboratories, research and support spaces, classrooms, and other informal learning and collaborative spaces.


See Campus Safety & Security


used as a nickname for a student, alumnus, or supporter of the university.

Seasider Singers

musical group
a choral group and class for university students which strives to spread unity, inclusion, and cultural diversity through choral singing.

Seasider Snackbar

an on-campus fast food service for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Consists of three different stations: stir fry, deli bar, and grill.

Seasider Sports & Activities

provides fun, safe, and wholesome sporting, and activities for all students, faculty, and staff. These events include open gym/free play, single-day tournaments, and intramural leagues. As well as FHE, club, department gym nights. As well as activities, dances, movies, traditions, concerts, and opening and closing socials.

  • Seasider Sports & Activities
  • Seasider Sports
  • Seasider Activities
Seasider Turf Field

the field outside of the McKay Gym.

  • Seasider Turf Field
  • turf field

Capitalize seasons only when they’re in a proper noun (i.e. winter season vs Winter Olympics). When referring to a particular semester, the season year, and word semester should be capitalized (Spring 2020 Semester), but when referring to all spring semesters, it doesn’t need to be capitalized.

Fall 2022 Semester
During the winter semester...
This spring semester...
All fall semesters...
This winter...

Service Center

creates and manages service projects around the island in which students can build lasting relationships with community members, foster personal growth and change, and develop a lifelong desire to give meaningful service.

sewing room

assists students with personal sewing needs and projects while providing the tools and workspace.

Shumway Gate

the entrance at the corner of the Main Parking Lot.

soccer field

the field behind the PCC back gates.

Social Sciences Building (SSB)

houses the Faculty of Math & Computing and Faculty of Business & Government faculty offices.

softball field

the field behind the Facilities Management Office.

sports court

BYU–Hawaii has two sports courts. One is between the hales and another next to the Seasider Turf Field.

sports court
sports courts
Hale Sports Court
McKay Sports Court

Stake Center (STC)

the on-campus Stake Center that hosts church meetings and religion classes.

Stake Center pavilions

the outdoor pavilions next to the stake center for small gatherings.

Student Employment

assists university departments and the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) in finding qualified students to employ via our on-line student job board, providing opportunities for students to obtain part-time work on campus or at the PCC. Provides onboarding, I-9 verification, verifies student employment history and conducts required orientations for campus employment.

Student Honor Team

creates promotions to advertise the Office of Honor as well as collaborates with the Student Advisory Council to help provide a student outlet for the Honor Code.

Student Insurance Office

houses the Health Services’ division of Student Medical Benefit; provides students, their spouses, and their dependents medical support while enrolled at BYU–Hawaii.

Student Leadership & Service

provides an exciting variety of leadership and service opportunities, clubs, dances, concerts, movies, academic forums, and more for current BYU–Hawaii students.

Student Life

areas of responsibility include Ho‘okele, Ho‘okahua, Counseling & Disability Services, Health Services, and Title IX.

Student Recruitment


See Ho‘okele

Systems Maintenance

See Maintenance Management

Teacher Education Building (TEB)

houses all classes and programs that are involved in the Teacher Education program.

TEB parking lot

provides parking by the Teacher Education Building (TEB)

Telephone Services

a BYUH IP Phone network service.

Temple View Apartments A-Z (TVA)

on-campus housing for married students.

tennis courts

where students can play outdoor tennis. Used for tennis classes and student activities.

Testing Center

helps faculty and students measure academic and individual progress. As well as improve instructional and testing quality and provide other testing services as needed.


Use figures except for noon and midnight. Use a colon to separate hours from minutes. Include a space in between the number and am/pm in lowercase. Exceptions to AM/PM (in caps) is using a font that is designed in capital letters.
Use am/pm without periods (not a.m./p.m.).
Use an en dash in between the time frames.

  • 8 am or 8:00 am
  • 5:30 pm
  • 4 o'clock
  • 8–11 am or 8:00 am – 11:00 am
  • noon to 5 pm
  • 8 hours
  • 30 minutes
  • 20 seconds

Spell out numbers less than 10 standing alone and in modifiers.

  • I'll be there in five minutes.
  • There are two seconds left on the clock.
  • I work an eight-hour day.
  • We have a two-minute warning.

  • Formal Titles: Capitalize formal titles when they are stated immediately before one or more names. A formal title generally denotes a scope of authority, professional activity or academic activity. Formal titles include president, vice president, director, dean, and dean of students.

    President Kauwe, Vice Presidents Laura Tevaga and Kala Kau.
    Dean Gary Nelson
    Deans Maggie Hong and David Wood
    James Faustino, the dean of students

  • Use Dr. in the first reference as a formal title before the name of an individual who holds a doctorate degree or is a doctor (healthcare)
    Dr. Royden Christensen works at the Health Center.

  • Lowercase and spell out titles when not used with an individual's name or set.
    The president sent out a message to the students.
    The student life vice president gave a devotional speech.

  • Lowercase and spell out titles in constructions that set them off from a name by commas.
    The university president, John S.K. Kauwe III, was inaugurated in 2021.
    Isaiah Walker, the academic vice president, went on a business trip this week.

  • Other titles serve primarily as occupational descriptions (job titles). Other titles include lead, specialist, coordinator, professor, supervisor, analyst, manager, etc.

    Systems analyst Joe Taylor, social media manager Brenda Kim, and administrative assistant Stacy Smith.

Title IX

oversees any sexual misconduct that is reported to the university.

townhouse, townhouses

on-campus non-student housing for faculty and staff.

Travel Services

provide travel management, planning, booking, expense management, and other related services.

TVA Family Living & Learning Resource Room (LLRR)

a multi-use room that is primarily for TVA residents.

TVA laundry

consists of two laundry rooms that are reserved to TVA tenants.

TVA Office

oversees and maintains that Temple View Apartments.

TVA parking lot

provides parking near the Temple View Apartments (TVA).


lowercase when stated on its own.

  • The university is admitting new students in the fall.
  • We invite all university employees to attend.
  • The university policy is posted online.
University Archives

identifies, collects, and preserves official BYU–Hawaii, and Polynesian Cultural Center records, both electronic and physical formats.

University Communications

promotes BYU–Hawaii through print publications, media, social media, and e-communications; assists and provides services in photography, graphics, media production, website/online content, scheduling events, and campus tours.

weight room

located in the Fitness Center.

See Fitness Center

Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship

committed to providing classes, competitions, and events that teach and encourage entrepreneurship. Hosts the two annual events: 1. Ed & Shauna Smith Empower Your Dreams Competition and 2. Ryan & Shauna Ockey Great Ideas Competition.

Full Name: (Used for official communication)
Mark & Laura Willes Center for International Entrepreneurship

Short Name:
Willes Center

Women's Services & Resources

an information and referral network for students, staff, and faculty. Addresses women’s issues in a positive, proactive way, collaborating with other BYUH offices, departments, and the community to best serve both the women and men at BYUH.

Work Management

helps maintain and assign all university faculty.