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BYU–Hawaii departments and organizations wishing to advertise events, campaigns, initiatives, etc. through tabloid-size (11" x 17") posters can design them and request permission to display them on existing bulletin boards and other spaces across campus from individual locations/departments. For safety reasons, signs on glass windows and doors must not become a distraction nor block visibility for patrons walking in and out of the buildings. To preserve the paint on the walls and doors on campus, hanging posters at these types of locations is prohibited.

Design Content Requirements

  • Standard Poster size is 11 inches x 17 inches (tabloid-size)
  • Content and artwork should be in line with the messaging and values of BYU–Hawaii and should follow the Honor Code.
  • Content should follow copyright laws and safe for commercial use. Obtain the necessary permissions from the copyright owner to use photos, fonts, and artwork on materials.
  • Grammar and spelling should be correct
  • Write out the dates with the day of the week, the month, and the number of the day without st, nd, rd, th, or the year (e.g., Wednesday, Oct. 10 or Wed, October 10). The year may be included only for annual events.
  • Times are spelled without periods, in lowercase letters, and space between the number and am/pm (e.g.,11 am – 12 pm).
  • Use the official department/organization and location titles. Refer to the Writing Guide for these titles.
  • Include an official BYUH department logo

Posters must comply with the BYUH Brand Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a written warning, and the department will be required to correct the violation in future poster designs. If the same violation persists in future poster designs, and the department has received at least three warnings, the posters will be taken down and disposed of without given notice.

How to Design and Seek Permission to Hang Posters

Planning (3 workweeks before display period)

The process for designing and hanging posters should begin at least about three weeks before the time that you would like your sign displayed. Plan out where on campus to display your advertisements.

Schedule: Seek Permission to Use Space

You must communicate with the department/organization or area which maintains the bulletin boards or display space that you would like to place your posters. They will permit you to use their space. For example, Aloha Center Information Desk grants permission to have posters on the bulletin boards in the Aloha Center and the two kiosks (outside of the Cafeteria and the Joseph F. Smith Library). This will help you estimate how many you'll need to print before placing your order at Print Services.

Design (1 work week)

If you are managing the design of your poster, please make sure that it meets all brand guidelines and print requirements. To receive the official brand training and access to your BYUH department logo, email If you need help designing your poster, please submit a design request. A minimum of one week of design and revision is recommended.

Submit for Printing (2-5 business days)

Ensure that your document is set up correctly for printing. Posters should be created in CMYK mode, produced in high resolution (150 – 300 dpi), saved as a PDF file, and with crop marks. If you want your design to be "full-bleed" (printing to go to the edge of the paper), your image will need extra space around the edges to facilitate final trimming. Once you have your document ready, place an order online with Print Services.

Display Period (1-3 weeks)

Departments and facilities will be responsible for displaying posters in the correct space before the event, as well as removing signs after the event has ended. We recommend that posters be displayed several days to a week to the event date for effective publicity.