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Copyright Resources

The provided information and resources do not serve as legal advice or a substitution for legal counsel.

Copyright Tutorial

Brigham Young University also provided us an online tutorial that will teach you about the rights of copyright holders and legal exemptions such as fair use. The tutorial includes a short instructional film followed by a series of interactive scenarios.

Departments and organizations are encouraged to complete this tutorial as part of their training. The tutorial can be completed in approximately 30 minutes.

Launch BYU Copyright Tutorial

BYU Copyright Decision Trail

With permission and support from BYU, provided here is an interactive tool to help anyone make informed copyright decisions.

Request Permission to Use Church-owned Content

Many Church materials (photos, artwork, scriptures, quotes, videos, music, etc.) may be used for university devotionals, speeches, and forums but require requesting permission from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The approximate time frame for the Church to complete reviewing a submitted request is within 45 days.

Church Music on Public Domain:

More Information

Music Resources

Available resources for downloading music for university projects or events.

Need additional assistance?

For questions regarding these specific areas, please contact the individuals below:


Copyrighted materials for academic purposes and the Academic organization at BYU–Hawaii, contact Michael Aldrich.


Church Materials and Graphics

Church materials, images, photos, icons, fonts, and all graphics-related items, contact Marisa Santeco.


Music and Video Streaming

Music and video streaming, contact Conor Lunt and Media Productions.