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Procedures & Policies

BYU–Hawaii departments and organizations wishing to have a banner displayed on BYUH grounds must reserve an approved banner space with Event Services & Outreach. Banner designs are required to follow the BYUH Brand Guidelines and to go through the approval process with University Communications. Banners should be displayed for at least one week but no longer than two weeks. Departments are allowed to reserve up to three locations maximum.

Design Content Requirements

  • Content and artwork should be in line with the messaging and values of BYU–Hawaii and should follow the Honor Code.
  • Content should follow copyright laws and safe for commercial use. Obtain the necessary permissions from the copyright owner to use photos, fonts, and artwork on materials.
  • Grammar and spelling should be correct
  • Write out the dates with the day of the week, the month, and the number of the day without st, nd, rd, th, or the year (e.g., Wednesday, Oct. 10 or Wed, October 10). The year may be included only for annual events.
  • Times are spelled without periods, in lowercase letters, and space between the number and am/pm (e.g.,11 am – 12 pm).
  • Use the official department/organization and location titles. Refer to the Writing Guide for these titles.
  • Include an official BYUH department logo
How to schedule and approve a banner (Timeline)
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    Step 1: Planning (6 workweeks)
    The process for scheduling and developing a new banner should begin five weeks before the time that you would like your banner displayed and at least six weeks before an event that is being advertised.

    Banners are displayed outdoors and need to be sturdy and weather resistant. Creating re-usable banners is preferred because of the printing costs involved. Plan your marketing and generalize your banner design by using a day of the week for your event rather than a specific date. For example, “This Monday” rather than “Monday, April 16”. It will mean that your banner would only be displayed for one week and will only work for events that are on consistent days of the week. Using a short-customized web address is also an effective way of directing your target audience to detailed information that can be easily updated online.
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    Step 2: Schedule Banner Space (1 workweek)
    Submit your request at or contact Event Services & Outreach for assistance or questions at or (808) 675-3784. Please allow up to one workweek for Event Services & Outreach to approve your banner space reservation. The size limitations of your banner space will determine the design and print size of your banner.
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    Step 3: Design Banner (2 workweeks)
    If you are managing the design of your banner, please make sure that it meets all brand guidelines and print requirements. To receive the official brand training and access to your BYUH department logo, email If you need help designing your banner, please submit a design request. A minimum of two workweeks of design and revision is recommended.
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    Step 4: Submit Banner Design For Approval (2 business days)
    Send a digital proof to University Communications will review the design to verify that it meets all branding, content quality, and copyright requirements. Please allow two business days for revisions and/or approvals.
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    Step 5: Print Your Banner (5 business days)
    Ensure that your document is set up correctly for printing. Banners should be created in CMYK mode, produced in high resolution (300 dpi), saved as a PDF file, and with crop marks, if you want your design to be "full-bleed" (printing to go to the edge of the banner, your image will need extra space around the edges to facilitate final trimming. Banners are to be printed by Print Services on university-approved banner material. Once you have your document ready, place an order online. They require a minimum of

    5 business days for large format printing.

    *Notes From Print Services

    All of the banners are manufactured from heavy-duty, nylon reinforced vinyl.
    Banners include grommets at each of the corners and every two feet (or closer, as needed).
    All banner files should be submitted at the size of the banner you are requesting. For further questions, inquire at (808) 675-3461.
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    Step 6: Deliver Your Banner For Display (2 business days)
    Event Services & Outreach must receive your banner at least 2 business days prior to your banner display period.
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    Step 7: Banner Displayed (1-2 weeks)
    Facilities Management will hang the banner. We recommend banners be displayed for at least one week before the event date for effective publicity. Event Services & Outreach will return your banner to you once your scheduled banner display period has passed.

Locations and Sizes of Banners

  1. Flag Circle (palm trees) Min: 10 ft wide x 4 ft high; Max: 24 ft wide x 4 ft high
  2. Aloha CenterMin: 8 ft wide x 4 ft high; Max: 10 ft wide x 4 ft high
  3. Cannon Activities CenterMin: 16 ft wide x 4 ft high; Max: 20 ft wide x 4 ft high
  4. McKay PoolOne Size: 10 ft wide x 4 ft high
  5. PCC FenceMin: 10 ft wide x 4 ft high; Max: 20 ft wide by 4 ft high
  6. Heber J. Grant BuildingMin: 10 ft wide x 4 ft high; Max: 18 ft wide by 4 ft high
  7. McKay Building: Testing Center — One Size: 3 ft wide by 4 ft high
  8. McKay Building: Counseling & Disability Services — One Size: 3 ft wide by 4 ft high
A diagram of the different approved banner spaces:
1. Flag Circle (between two palm trees at the corner of the entrance to the Flag Circle and the Academic Oval). 
2. Aloha Center (above the Flag Circle side entrance)
3. Cannon Activities Center (above the Academic Oval side entrance)
4. McKay Pool (at the top of the building between the two entrance gates)
5. PCC Fence (where Mikionele Way meets Napela Drive)
6. Heber J. Grant Building (above the Academic Oval side entrance)
7. McKay Building: Testing Center (corner walkway near the Testing Center)
8. McKay Building: Counseling & Disability Services  (corner walkway near the Counseling Center)
A diagram of the different approved banner spaces.