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Social Branding

In today's world, social media is the gateway to learning more about the university. It's a tool to share BYU–Hawaii's story with different audiences and demographics. We ask you to follow this system to bring visual consistency and credibility to our brand and your department's social media presence.

Logos and Profile Pictures 

To create a consistent look, unless given an approved logo from the university brand manager, all official departmental accounts must select one of the following logos. Do not add any text underneath, even if it's to display your department name.

Cover Photos 

Account managers are free to choose what is displayed here. Be sure to choose wisely; this is where your page's identity shines. Just follow a landscape configuration and crop your image to the dimensions of the image space of the social platform you are using.  

Account Names 

Consistency benefits both the university and your account. To make it easier to spot the difference between official and unofficial BYU–Hawaii accounts, all accounts should adopt this formatting: 


  • BYUH International Student Services 
  • BYUH New Student Experience 
  • BYUH Career Services 
  • BYUH Counseling & Disability Services 

Account Handles 

Similar to account names, handles need to be consistent university-wide. However, handles are extremely limited with characters and availability.  

If you have a pre-existing handle changing it to the format below is optional. However, if you have built up a brand image with your handle, it can remain as is. 


  • @byuhiss 
  • @byuhnse 
  • @byuhcareerservices 
  • @byuhcounseling