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Best Practices

General Best Practices

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It's important that you post original content. If you use someone else's, be sure to ask for permission first and give them appropriate credit. 
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Become a source that people can trust. Proper spelling and grammar can build that trust. Grammarly is free for students, faculty, and staff, be sure to use it! 
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Mistakes Happen

With social media being a public platform, you can't please everyone. If you make a big mistake, it's important to apologize.
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Protect your accounts by safeguarding passwords and sharing them only with necessary personnel in your office. Share your account login with the University's social media manager to avoid lost access to accounts.
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QR Codes

If you use a QR code on social media, consider how accessible it is to your audience. Although QR codes can be beneficial, think through the process your audience has to take to scan it in order to follow through with your call to action.
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Maintaining a respectful dialogue in online interactions upholds a positive image of BYU–Hawaii and yourself. Treat others how you would like to be treated.
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Set Goals

Whether it's growing a following, increasing post engagement, or converting people to attend your events, define a goal and conquer it through the content you create.
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Timing Matters

To achieve greater success, post when your audience is most active. Find your users average online time, is it during their mornings, evenings, lunch break?
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Using Links

When linking viewers to a webpage, make sure the link is accessible. For example, on Instagram, pasting a link in a caption is not accessible on a mobile device. This platform allows you one link on your profile bio and links in stories.
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Visual Appeal

Connect with your audience through photos and video. Not only does this generate more engagement, but it also creates a stronger narrative. Avoid posting flyers as images that are text-heavy.