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Social Media

Purpose of BYU–Hawaii Social Media

Brigham Young University–Hawaii maintains social media channels for the purpose of connecting with current students by highlighting campus events, featuring students, providing information, and helping students navigate university life. Through our pages, we hope to give viewers a better sense of BYU–Hawaii, its mission, values, and identity. The university’s intent is to use social media to provide valuable and consistent content that creates a relationship with our target audience.

Find BYU–Hawaii on Social Media

Department Accounts

The purpose of department accounts is to provide value to current students through event promotion, answering questions, and tips for success. If you are a department wanting to create a social media account please refer to our social media guidelines and procedures, then submit a request for our social media training.

BYU–Hawaii Social Media Series

This Week at BYUH

A weekly series published on the University's Instagram and Facebook pages that aims to inform students about University events.