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Table Tents

A table tent on a table in front of lounging chairs.

Table Tents on Campus

BYU–Hawaii departments and organizations wishing to advertise events, campaigns, initiatives, etc. through table tents can design them and request permission to display them on tables at indoor lounging areas on campus.
Process and Guidelines
Detailed Instructions and Timeline
Design Guidelines
  • Plan out where on campus you'd like to display your table tents. Keep in mind that the various areas on campus are managed by different departments. If you’d like to leave table tents anywhere on campus, you’ll need to ask permission from the department before doing so.

  • If you are managing the design of your table tent, please make sure that it meets the design and brand guidelines, and print requirements.

    If you need help designing your table tent please submit a design request. A minimum of one week of design and revision is recommended.

  • Once you have your document ready, place an order with Print Services.

  • Departments are responsible for displaying table tents in the desired spaces and removing them when the event has ended, or they no longer need to be on display. We recommend table tents be on display 1-2 weeks before the event date for effective publicity.

    These are examples of the several main locations and their point of contact.

    LocationPoint of Contact
    The lounging area tables in the Aloha Center.

    Aloha Center Information Desk (Ho‘okahua)

    Business Hours:

    8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday through Friday

    (808) 675-3545

    Banyan Dining Hall tablesFood Services (ask the employees)
    Heber J. Grant Building tablesFaculty of Business & Government
    Seasider SnackbarFood Services (ask the employees)

Design Guidelines

  • Dimensions: 17" x 5.5" (folded into threes, each side is 5.6"x5.5"). If the design goes to the edge of the paper, include bleeds and crop marks. Email us for the template if you need it.
  • If the content includes a "call to action" and is to visit a website for more information, use a customized, shortened, and memorable link. *Not all users know how to scan QR codes.
  • Content and artwork should align with the messaging and values of BYU–Hawaii and the Honor Code.
  • Write out the dates with the day of the week, the month, and the number of the day without st, nd, rd, th, or the year (e.g., Wednesday, Oct. 10 or Wed, October 10). The year may be included only for annual events.
  • Times are spelled without periods, in lowercase letters, and space between the number and am/pm (e.g.,11 am – 12 pm).
  • Use the official department/organization and location titles. Refer to the Editorial Style Guide for these titles.
  • Include an official BYUH department logo (Refer to the university brand guidelines for additional help on logo usage and treatment).

Table tents must comply with the BYUH brand guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a written warning, and the department will be required to correct the violation in future designs. If the same violation persists in future designs, and the department has received at least three warnings, the table tent will be collected and disposed of without given notice.