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YouTube Best Practices

Individual departments are not allowed to create a new YouTube channel without permission. Failure to request permission may result in the removal of the channel. The majority of department video upload requests can be processed and posted through the official BYU–Hawaii channel.  Email YouTube upload requests to

What to post? 

Original Content

Share what's happening in your department. Create a video explaining the process to a frequently asked question. Record a tutorial to make learning more accessible to students.

Uploading Other Content

If you wish to upload and link to a video that is not an original, you must receive copyright permission from the source. We recommend you do this before requesting the video upload.  This includes audio such as music and sounds you have in your video. We will not publish a video that contains copyright strikes or materials you have not received permission to use. See Copyright Resources for more information.

How Many Times To Post? 

Upload video content as needed. If you try a trend, stay with it, consistency is key.  

Video Title and Description 

When requesting an upload, please provide us the desired title/name and description of your video. Be strategic with naming your video, use keywords that relate to your audience, or they might search when looking for similar content.  

Desired Playlist

If it's your first time requesting a video upload, think about where you want your video posted. If you only have one video upload in mind for the time being and feel it belongs in an existing playlist, please notify us. Or do you have several videos to upload and plan to create additional ones in the future? Then consider requesting a department playlist. We will include all your video upload requests in one place.  

YouTube Thumbnail 

You can either request we create your desired thumbnail or attach the image you wish to show as your video preview.