Student Bulletin Submission Guidelines

Procedures & Guidelines for Student Bulletin Submissions

  1. The Student Bulletin is distributed daily to all current students. Announcements must be received no later than 9:00 AM to be included in that day's bulletin. Announcements received after the deadline will be included in the next bulletin.
  2. Submissions that pertain to both students and employees, please submit announcements to both the student and employee ebulletin. 
  3. To submit an announcement, you may use the form on the next page of this website.
  4. Announcements must be 80 words or less, including attributions and contact information. If needed, a hyperlink can be included to redirect readers to a web page for more information. Please use the attachment space.
  5. Please include a name and contact information with the announcement so you can be reached you with questions if necessary. Email addresses used as contact information must be or to be included.
  6. University Communications reserves the right to refine the text. Please ensure information is correct, such as dates, times, etc.
  7. All submissions will be distributed three times, once as a new submission and twice as a reminder. If you are advertising an event, it will be distributed once as a new submission, once in the today section on the event date, and once as a reminder.
  8. All submissions will only run the allotted three times. If they are re-submitted, with the same information, they will not be distributed again.
  9.  If your submission needs more than the allotted three times verification must be provided. 
  10. University Communications reserves the right to reject submissions. Policies are subject to change to address unforeseen issues should they arise. We will notify you when changes will be made on this policy.
  11. The following announcements are not appropriate for any BYU–Hawaii bulletin:

    • Personal commercial advertisements
    • Fundraisers
    • Lost and found
    • Other personal business
    • Rumors and hearsay
    • Individual out of office announcements
    • Items or events covering doctrinally sensitive issues
    • Surveys
  12.  Please review these policies regularly.
  13. Please email with questions and concerns.

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