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Content Managers and Editors

As online content is being moved over to our new online content management system (Brightspot), the ability and responsibility for managing and revising content are in the hands of each department. Each site's content is owned and developed by a content manager and up to three content editors. One of the three content editors must be a full-time employee, otherwise, each site can have up to two student content editors. Exceptions have been granted for departments with multiple divisions with differing direction and content.

See a list of site content managers

Department Content Manager

The department content manager is a supervisory role that has the responsibility to approve all online content changes coming from that department. This role should be assigned to a full-time employee.

Department Content Editor

A content editor can be anyone in a department who will be adding or changing content on your website. This can be a full-time, part-time, or student employee. Each site can have up to three content editors if one of the content editors is a full-time employee. There is a limit of two student content editors.

Request a role

Requests to become a department content manager or editor should be approved by the current content manager or the director, manager, or dean of the department. Once a request is filled out, each completed form will be confirmed by email by one of the employees in the roles listed above.