Web Design Request

As the web component of BYU–Hawaii, web design is responsible for maintaining a consistent and unified web identity for the university. This includes proper use of University logos, colors, and other web elements that are found in the Graphic Identity Guide.

Web Design Project Request Process

  1. Identify Purpose
    -What will this site be doing and why?

  2. Define Audience
    -Who do we want to see this page, identify primary and secondary audiences, and the proposed path or places that will link to this page.

  3. Identify All Content Needed
    -Websites need a structure, then content, then photos and graphics. Let us know what you have and what you need.

  4. Web Project Request Form
    -Fill out the form located on this page.

  5. Planning Meeting
    -Once the web committee has approved your web design request you will be contacted and a meeting will be arranged to collaborate and define your project scope and timeline.

  6. Weekly Updates
    -We will provide weekly status updates as to the progress of your project.

  7. Client Approval
    -Once the project is finished, we will arrange a meeting to present the finished project for approval and final adjustments.

  8. Make it live
    -After all approvals, the site is made live and will be publicized on campus communication channels.

Click here to download PDF of this process.

Click here for Web Identity Guidelines.

Click here for Graphic Identity Guidelines.