Tips for Use of the Teleprompter

When does one use a teleprompter?
Teleprompters are used for events such as devotionals, firesides, commencement services, long(15 minutes-plus) speeches, and presentations where verbatim delivery is important. Also, a person might use a teleprompter to appear more prepared while giving an address, alleviating some of the stress or need to memorize it. Use of a teleprompter also enables the speaker to give the audience a better sense of being included in the address. 

Text Formatting for the Teleprompter
  • Eliminate all bullets, numbering, page numbers, hyperlinks, and references from your text — unless you intend to verbally read these in the address.
  • Do NOT worry about font size or font type, which will be taken care of when the text is imported into the teleprompting software.
  • Put a blank space between each paragraph.
  • Please remember the teleprompter operator needs time to input your text into the dedicated software.

Important Contact Tips
  • Contact the teleprompter operator no later than four days before you want to use the teleprompter. Be sure to include your height to help us better prepare for your arrival.
  • Send an electronic copy of your talk to the teleprompter operator no later than three days prior to the event.
  • On the day of the presentation, set up a time about an hour before the actual delivery to meet with the teleprompter operator to go over finishing touches, adjustments to mirrors, font size, etc.

*** Please make final revisions no later than noon the day before the presentation ***

*** Please bring a hard copy of your text to the event in case of last-minute glitches ***

We are here to be sure you are comfortable and successful when using the teleprompter. Whether this is your first or your twentieth time to use this technology, we want you to feel at ease, so please feel free to ask questions.

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