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Twitter Best Practices

Twitter allows individuals and companies to communicate in real-time. Help followers of your department stay up to date with events and news on campus and in the community (Laie and beyond).  

What to Post?

Use original content: Tweet about your department events, service projects, student highlights, and alumni stories.  

Cross-promotional: Retweeting other accounts that mention your department can gain you followers and increase your account views.

How Many Times to Post? 

2-3 times per week is a great start. 
2-3 times per day will ensure you keep people in the loop. 

Whatever you decide, stay consistent. Try to avoid dry spells or long periods of inactivity. You'll lose followers and momentum.  

What Content Performs Best?

Posting a variety of content is vital on Twitter and can be fun. Break up your timeline with videos, pictures, or GIFs. The goal is to engage your audience. 

If you use someone else's picture, you need to ask them first and attribute them correctly. 

Time does matter. Try to gauge when your audience is most active through testing different times. Then post when you feel is best.  

Be Responsive

Don't just post and ignore any comments and retweets you get. Respond quickly and accurately, regardless of the feedback, be it positive or negative.  

Share Our Hashtags!

Twitter, where hashtags can actually work. Try one of these established hashtags: #BYUH, #Seasiders, #SeasiderStories.  

Twitter Video Specs 

Here's a breakdown of video specs for Twitter to reference while making content.  

  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 
  • Max file size: 512MB 
  • Technical length:  2 min 20 seconds
  • Preferred length: 1 min 
  • Captions: CC on all videos unless they are integrated into the video already.