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Social Media Procedures

Meet the guidelines? What's next?

According to our procedures, all official university accounts must comply with the following:

  • Social media handle must be @byuh_______(department name).
  • Account must use the approved social media profile photo.
  • Profile must include full department name (or program for the Faculty Units), accurate links, correct contact information, hours/location (if relevant), the purpose of the department and account.
  • Content must follow copyright laws.
  • Content must align with the Honor Code.
  • Account must represent the university in a respectful manner.
  • Account must meet the social media sustainability guideline.

To receive recognition as an official university account, please fill out the request for social media training form.

All content that is posted must be consistent, accurate, respectful, focused, and represent the university accordingly.

If you have questions regarding this procedure, please email

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