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Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Sign Graphic

BYU–Hawaii University Communications is implementing a new form of advertising on campus by using sidewalk signs in high traffic areas to publicize events. Departments wishing to use this form of advertising should send their designs to University Communications for approval before printing. University Communications will arrange the display of the poster and frame.

How to Arrange and Approve a Sidewalk Poster

The process for arranging and approving a sidewalk poster should begin about three weeks before you would like it displayed. We recommend that sidewalk posters be placed out about a week prior to the event date. All sidewalk posters displayed by University Communications are the same size, which allows departments to start the scheduling and design process at the same time.

Schedule Event Display (2 business days)

Request a sidewalk sign scheduling and approval at Please allow up to two workdays for University Communications to approve your sidewalk poster space request.

Design (1 work week)

If you are managing the design of your sidewalk poster, please make sure that it meets all print and design requirements. If you need help designing your sidewalk poster, please submit a design request to Providing two weeks for design and revision is recommended.

Submit for Approval (4-7 business days)

Send a digital proof to University Communications will review the design and verify that it meets all of the branding, content quality, and copyright requirements. Please allow two business days for revision or approvals.

Submit for Print

Work with Print Services (, (808) 675-4461) to have your sidewalk poster printed. Print Services may require up to five business days, prior to the display period, to print your sidewalk poster.

Display Period (1-3 weeks)

University Communications will display the sidewalk poster several days prior to the event date for effective publicity.

Design content considerations

  • Standard Large Posters size is 22.5 inches x 28.5 inches
  • Keep design within the safe zone of .5 inches around the edge to ensure the entire design can be seen within the frame.