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Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Sign Graphic

BYU–Hawaii University Communications is implementing a form of advertising on campus by using two-sided sidewalk signs in high traffic areas to publicize events. Organizations wishing to use this form of advertising should send their designs to University Communications (UC) for approval. UC will arrange the display of the poster and the use of the frame.

How to Arrange and Approve a Sidewalk Poster

1. Begin the process at least three weeks before the desired display time.

2. Schedule Event Display (2 business days)

Email your request for sidewalk sign(s) at Please allow up to two workdays for UC to approve your sidewalk poster space request. The maximum reservation is ten signs one-sided, or five signs two-sided (depending on availability). The maximum display time is one month.

3. Design (1 workweek)

If you are designing your sidewalk poster, please make sure that it meets all print and design requirements. If you need help designing your sidewalk poster, please submit a design request to Providing one week for design and revision is recommended.

4. Submit for Approval (4–7 business days)

Send a digital proof to UC will review the design and verify that it meets all of the branding, content quality, and copyright requirements. Please allow two business days for revision and/or approvals.

5. Submit for Print (2–5 business days)

Once the design is approved, placed your order with Print Services at It may take up to five business days, prior to the display period, to complete your order.

6. Display Period (1–3 weeks)

For effective publicity, we recommend displaying the sidewalk poster(s) several days before the event date and at locations where your target audience will see it.

Design content considerations

  • Standard Large Posters size is 22.5 inches x 28.5 inches
  • Leave a .5 inch border around the poster and keep the design content inside of it to ensure that the entire design can be seen inside of the frame.
  • Use of the BYUH logo with the organization or department name (marks provided by UC), or at least the official organization name is mentioned in place of the logo (refer to the Writing Guide for these names).

Sidewalk Sign Locations:

1. The HGB and Stake Center area (3 options)
2. Library entrance
3. Between Hales 2 and 4
4. McKay Auditorium entrance
5. Between Hales 1 and 3
6. Little Theater entrance or the sidewalk between the McKay Classroom Building & the Cafeteria (2 options)
7. Aloha Center front entrance
8. Between the Aloha Center and Ballroom, between the CAC and the Cafeteria, or the CAC entrance (3 options)
9. Lorenzo Snow Administration Building
10. Between the McKay Gym and CAC

View diagram of locations.

*Posters are at risk of sun damage and condensation due to the unpredictable weather conditions and depending on the display duration. Excessively long display periods are not recommended.