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Office of Ombuds

BYU–Hawaii Student Support

Office of Ombuds
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Our Goal

The Office of Ombuds listens to student concerns, helps students understand university policies, and locates appropriate resources. This office exists:

  • To be a neutral and independent resource.
  • To honestly communicate students' voices to the university and the university’s voice to the student—not to escalate, manufacture, or solicit issues and causes.
  • To act as a facilitating and supporting role—not as an intervention specialist or mediator.


In every interaction, the student’s and university’s voice will be heard. Each process is unique to the individual. The Office of Ombuds will assist students, as needed, by:

  • Meeting with the student and hearing their story.
  • Connecting the student with the appropriate department and facilitating communication.
  • Counseling with other missionaries and the Director of Communication & Marketing on courses of action to ensure understanding and consistency.
  • Tracking patterns and making recommendations to policy/procedure if applicable.
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June 18, 2019 06:04 AM

Ombuds Services

These services are available to all students.

Any student requesting ombuds assistance should contact Elder Baker to receive support in their concerns.