As the design component of BYU–Hawaii’s Creative Services team, Graphics is responsible for maintaining a consistent and unified graphic identity for the University. This includes proper use of University logos, colors, and other design elements. We also design and create university level brochures, posters, booklets, programs, magazines, templates, and many other such publications for print and web.

Creative Direction and Design Our design team provides art direction and design for print design, web design and photography for advancement materials, branding, identity and logo development, view books and brochures, direct mail, invitations, magazines, newsletters, media campaigns and more.

Project Planing and Management We provide planning, scheduling and resource allocation to accomplish your project objectives. We work collaboratively with you to define project plans and estimate project costs, ensure client requests are complete and clear, coordinate project meetings, track review phases and monitor the project budget. Project Management is a service offered at no cost to the client.

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