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BYU–Hawaii's Brand

Email Signature

Consider your email signature as your electronic business card. Below is the recommended BYUH email signature that includes the basic information about the employee.

First and Last Name
Job Title
Department Name
Brigham Young University–Hawaii
(808) 675-0000 |

The recommended template for BYUH email signatures—including the person's name, job title, department name, the university name, phone number, and email address

To make changes to your email signature on Outlook, go to the "Settings" and in the search bar, type "signature."

Tips and More Recommendations

  • Simplify Information: Not everyone uses a fax machine nor needs to know your mailing address. For your safety and to simplify your email signature, use the department's physical address or fax number only when necessary.
  • Use Legible Typefaces: We recommend using a simple sans-serif font (examples: Arial or Segoe UI)
  • Highlight Your Name: Make your name in bold and as well a little larger than the rest of the information below it.
  • Highlight Your Job Title: Make your job titles in italics.
  • Use Official Department Names: Be sure to state your department name correctly. Refer to the Editorial Style Guide to verify the name.
  • State the University Name Correctly: Use one of the following versions of the university name and be sure to use the en dash.
  • Use Black: Set the text in black.
  • Avoid Images: Inserting images in the email signature will not always appear as intended nor successfully be previewed by your recipients. Do not use social media icons.
  • Avoid Quotes or Additional Statements: As your email address and signature both represent the university, anything you chose to include will be communicated on behalf of BYUH.