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University Communications

BYU–Hawaii Social Media

BYU–Hawaii maintains a presence on a number of social media sites with the following purposes:

  • Continue to build and market the BYU–Hawaii brand
  • Reach out to new and potential students to help them decide to enroll and transition to campus life, and to answer their questions in a responsive manner using an environment in which they are comfortable.
  • Maintain relationships with alumni and friends and encourage the support of the university through job/internship placement, mentoring and philanthropy.
  • Provide information to current students, create resources to assist with their academic needs, and provide a forum for appropriate discussion of relevant issues.
  • Increase the amount of high quality, university-related content available online.
  • Receive and respond to feedback received through social media channels.

Additionally, we hope our efforts will assist the Church as a whole in building the kingdom of God and bringing people to Christ.

For departments seeking to create social media accounts, please refer to our policy and procedures.